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Tea Søe-Rabjerg (born Søe-Knudsen)

To get in touch use the e-mail: tea.soerabjerg “at” gmail.com

Short introduction
I find materials and their use fascinating. From idea over development, optimisation and to the final manufacturing, are all interesting steps for me.

I have shaped my education toward getting a broad perspective on materials from a chemists view, to get fundamental knowledge about their properties in relation to their substance and how to analyse them.

I am team oriented and handle the tasks with quality and details in mind. I like to help people in general and adjust my teamwork role after the current need in a group. My primary focus is on reaching the teams goals.


Work experience

13th Nov. 2017 – 12th Nov. 2018:
Maternity leave with my daughter, born in December, where I have improved and learned important skills like:
Focused work flow, despite interruptions.
Hardcore prioritizing based on importance and deadline.
– Realization of ones own limits, both physically and mentally.
Being in the present and finding the motivation for the task your doing at the moment.

2nd Oct. – 27th Oct. 2017:
Four week long internship at Teknologisk Institut in their metal and surface technology department. My main task were to help in the development of possible new additions to the repertoire of services provided. In addition I also participated in relevant everyday work.

1st Jan. 2015 – 31th May 2017(due to relocation of the laboratory):
Material Engineer at Vestas in their material laboratory in Århus with metallic materials being my focus area. My work covers a broad area of analysis and related documentation of different tested or failed parts.
Same department as my earlier internship at Vestas.

4th Aug. 2014 – 31th Dec. 2014:
Maternity cover as material specialist at Grundfos in Bjerringbro. With cast stainless steel being my main area, including a broad area of corrosion tests.
Same department as my internship at Grundfos.

2nd Jun. – 4th Jul. 2014:
Five week long internship at Vestas in their material laboratory. I was acting as a part of the team and helped in the day to day tasks of analysis of materials and components including relevant documents in relation to these analysis.

2nd Sep. – 25th Oct. 2013:
Eight week long internship at Grundfos in their material specialist department. I was being a part of the ordinary workday, where I followed my contact person to meetings and in the laboratory, as well as working on an assigned project about porosities in cast stainless steel and investigated possible non-destructive testing methods. During this traineeship I have learned a lot about working in a bigger company and the challenges there can be when multiple departments within the company need to corporate to achieve their shared goals.

Summer vacation job at Mønsted Kalkgruber (tourist attraction). All around function, from ticket sale to cleaning. Speaking English, German and Danish daily with the visitors.


Safety course for epoxy May 2015
A two day safety course which is mandatory for work-related use of epoxy and isocyanates in Denmark.

Communication Nov. 2013
Three weeks long course in ”oral communication and presentation” at RM Academy in Aarhus.

Master of Science in Chemistry 2006-2013
Master of science in (material)chemistry from Aarhus University, with one semester at the Technical University in Vienna. Courses chosen after my interest in materials.

Broad chemistry knowledge and additional courses in physics, mathematics and knowledge communication.

Course overview



Danish as my native language. Professional working profiency in English. Limited working proficiency in German.
Have followed university courses conducted in all three languages.


User experience with the following techniques:
MAS solids-state NMR (Magic Angle Spinning Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optic Emission Spectrometry)
FTIR (Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectroscopy)
EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy)
SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy )
XRD (X-ray Powder diffraction)
Magnetic fluorescent testing
Hardness measurements
Optical Microscopy


Tabletop roleplaying
Reading, mostly Fantasy and science fiction
Different kinds of crafting (mostly embroidery, sewing, and knitting)

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