Thread and fabric

It is difficult to choose thread and fabric. So many possibilities. and it is what set the mood for the entire project. I have seen stitch projects which uses the same pattern but loot very different because of thread and fabric choice.

I have thought many thoughts about this – multi coloured, pink scale, two toned ?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decided to have two different threads because to many colours maybe would make it too chaotic. I enden in the blue-green scale with variegated thread. One in silk and one in linen. They are dyed with the same colour palette they look nicely different as you can see on the picture. I  bought the thread from the webshop Stef Francis

The fabric have 14 threads per cm and is, i I recall it correctly, linen. I bought it at a  local shop “Broderi Moderne” which I am lucky to live near by.

3 thoughts on “Thread and fabric

  1. JoanneP

    Tea, I’m catching up on some old posts on The Stitch Specialists where you mentioned your blog. This is an amazing project. I have never seen anything like it. The dots — are they the electrons in each shell? 14 threads/cm — in the USA I’m used to threads/inch (tpi) — I think this is about 36 tpi, so fairly high count. Do you plan to stitch over one or over two? –JoanneP

    1. Tea Post author

      Hi Joanne. Yes the dots are the electrons and after some rethinking (and counting) I have decided to make them with pearls instead of french knots. I can not say if I am going to stitch over one or two because I am focusing on stitches like chain stitch, back stitch and the like, but I really like the possibility to just count to make the stitches of the same size – Tea

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