Hydrogen and the alkali metals

Hydrogen and the alkali metals make up the first row in my stitched periodic system.

The most obvious relation between these elements is there lonely valence electron – leading to only one light coloured pearl in my periodic system.

I began stitching the linen part first in all these elements, thereafter adding the pearls and finishing with the silk.

Linen threadHør


hør og perler

Linen thread and pearls


hør perler og slike

Complete first row


Since I wanted to stitch theit full latin names I went looking for a list with alle their names together. I could easiely find their latin names along with the normal information if I looked each element up – but I wanted a collected list since it is easier to have in front of me when I stitch – And I found that I was looking at – along with entertaining intormation about their naming in general  on the Elementymology website.

It is worth a visit :  Elementymology and Elements multidict


While I have been stitching the full names and the number small changes have been made to the letters. I have not yet adjusted my “overview design” as I have not yet stitched alle the letters in the alphabet and therefor may make further tiny changes. But I do follow the overall design and is still satisfeid with my colour choices.

Hygrogen var my first posibility to stitch the symbol for gaseous phases (at standard temp. and pressure) while all the other until now are in a solid  phase (at standard temp. and pressure)

Some close-ups of each element (except francium) are below. I am not the best photographer, but hopefully you will enjoy the pictures anyway.







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